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As a multipassionate, there is a constant pressure to specialize and to choose one thing can be overwhelming.

Every time we hear questions like “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, or “What are you going to specialize in school?”, or statements like “You need to pick a lane and choose a niche to be successful!”

It makes us cringe, laugh and cry at the same time.

Thinking that we are either crazy, immature or unfocused.

You see, it seems like society has us destined only to be an artist or scientist with no room left over for being anything else- let alone doing something new! 

If you’re a multipassionate and have many interests and passions, then like me you know there aren’t many resources out in the world for us.

How can you make a living while doing what you love? 

The good news is, it’s not impossible! 

It requires navigating through some of the most specialized parts of our world and forging our own paths to success and fullfilment.

We are all capable of doing anything if we have the support from other people who share similar desires.  All it takes is a meeting place where they’re hanging out.  Encouraging one another along this journey with phrases such as “You got this!”

The 100X Club is the private community of multipassionates and DO'ers who are living the dream

The 100X Club is a community of multipassionate, life-long learners who stay in school and never stop growing. 

Imagine being surrounded and inspired by amazing humans, like you.  Who keep you accountable as they share their cross-pollination of life experiences! 

Our lives are defined only by how much imagination we have.  These people, like you, understand that anything is possible for those who believe in themselves enough to make it happen.

This is a community that helps and encourages each other to live their purpose – if you’re looking to connect with other lifelong learners, opportunities and collaborations, then this club is for you!

Do what you love
Love what you do


the 100x club

Connect & Grow

Private community

A supportive community that will help you stay motivated and accountable while in flow. Learning channels, 1-to-1 chats, 30-day challenges, and more.

Weekly Scrums, Coworking & Networking

Fun and interactive sessions with the goal to support and keep each other accountable on weekly, monthly and life goals.

Livestreams, recordings and podcasts

Curated club-only podcasts, webinars, masterclasses, and in-person events. Be part of the show. Backstage and studio access to live recordings and club only podcast.

Find Your tribe

Are you looking for a community of like-minded people?

We believe that everyone has something special inside them, but sometimes it takes an extra push to get there. That’s why we want to create a space for you to share your story, inspire others and cross-pollinate along the way. You might be on your own path, or maybe you have some advice for someone else looking for inspiration – either way, we want this club to be about YOU!


stay curious

Learn & Expand

Curated Masterminds

Based on your current passions, focus and business, be matched with a small group with similar goals every four months to keep it fresh.

Direct Access & Support

Regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) & Weekly Office Hours events hosted by Edwin, his team and colleagues. New membership & professional networking community hangouts organized around themes.

Exclusive offers

Access to live recordings, events, webinars, AMA's, the growing list of recorded workshops, content and more. Other exclusive content includes early access and special offers, monthly challenges, book clubs, and more.

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The 100X club membership

We offer flexible membership plans for those who are just getting started or looking at making a commitment to their growth.


Ideal for those looking at activating their passions.



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Perfect for those who have fully embraced their multipassions and living the 100X life.





For those who are focused on launching a specific passion project.

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The 100X Club is for people
who don't buy into the status quo

"I created this community to be surrounded by others who have the unquenchable thirst to learn"

When I was young, my elders would ask me “What do you want to BE when YOU grow up?” To this day I feel the question to be unfair. Many adults never figure out the answer, let alone a child.

As someone who started their own business and focused on several things at once, I was constantly being told to specialize and avoid branching into other areas, despite my intrigue and personal interest in them.

I was feeling like I had met all of the right people, and my life seemed perfect. But during the global pandemic in 2020, after taking some time to reflect on what I really want in this world;

It became glaringly obvious that there are countless other passions out there that have always called louder than any ONE particular interest ever could have!

I created this community to be surrounded by others who have the unquenchable thirst to learn and live a 100X life.

Edwin J. Frondozo

Founder of The 100X Club

What the Community is Saying


Most frequent questions and answers

You have an unquenchable thirst for learning and want to learn and share with others. You’re in the right place!

This is a community of creators who are hungry on many levels: artists, developers (yes!), marketers/writers–you get where I’m going here? We love anything creative because there isn’t one type that fits into our mould 100%.

We aren’t satisfied until we know everything about what makes us tick…or maybe even more importantly- why you do WHAT YOU DO!!!

Being an entrepreneur is not a requirement. That’s right, this community of creators, professional and entrepreneurs are looking for people just like you!

Discord is a community platform that provides voice, video, and text app that’s used by people to talk and hang out with their communities and friends. 

Discord grew in popularity due to the gaming community with over a quarter billion users.

Edwin is a multi-passionate who loves to learn, apply and share his experiences. He is a co-founder of Slingshot, an award winning podcaster at The Business Leadership, keynote speaker, marathon runner (Berlin, Chicago, NYC and Toronto), avid writer (who is looking to publish his first book).

His podcast The Business Leadership has been nominated for the best business podcast in Canada by Podcast Awards in 2017.

The virtual coworking rooms are open 24/7.  Members are encouraged to join a room any time they need some focus and space for their own projects, or just want someone else’s company while working on something challenging alone- the private channel is there so that members can chat if needed!

Edwin has been using his virtual sessions as a way of staying focused on projects.  The idea originally came during the pandemic when he launched Cafe100X, a Twitch stream that offered coworking space to like-minded individuals in their spare time from home or office work and other distractions

Every four months, we encourage new members to apply and join a mastermind.

Based on the nature of your passions, focus and business, and more, we will hand match you with a small handful of other 100Xers with similar goals.

We expect to have dozens of masterminds running concurrently and will have a Mastermind Directory for you to join an existing group at any time.

It takes up to 24 hours for your founding badge to be applied to your profile.

Of course! We’re always looking for new challenges. From 5 AM club, cooking challenges and more–we would love to have you in the club lead a new and fun challenge.

Short answer – Yes.  Long answer – we are still figuring out the process and would welcome your energy and insight on this.

We believe that you get what you put into life, the same goes with a community. What do I expect to gain from a 7-day free trial?

Absolutely. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time from the comfort of your own personal dashboard.

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